The Game

Genre : Single Player, First and Third Person shooter, open world, non linear missions.

Target Platforms: PC and PS4 first release, followed by X Box One.  If that’s successful Mac and Linux.

Here is the trailer that demonstrates the state of the project. I couldn’t afford cut scene like the trailers you see on TV.  So everything you see is game play.

In order to cover the largest arch of game play , I decided to go with a first person and third person hybrid.I’ve always preferred using guns in first person mode and using melee weapons and hand to hand in third person , so in order to create the game play I wanted, both modes were necessary. Although you may need to unlock sections of the game world by accomplishing missions, you can freely roam the unlocked areas to rescue people, collect items such as weapons, ammo, food for others, fight enemies , discover missions , or even drive vehicles. Missions get unlocked as the game progresses, but they do not need to be completed any particular order. In fact some missions that get unlocked early in the game may be extremely hard, and too challenging to complete until later. Realistic firearm ballistics allows your guns to use a variety of ammo ranging from ammo piercing to hollow points bullets, each having it’s own unique damage characteristics based on the target they hit. As the game advances your characters faith and power from god progresses and you obtain different abilities while using your bible or the cross. The bible is used for more defensive measures such as healing, protection from evil, detecting evils and so on. While the cross is used as an offensive weapon of various types, but only against creatures of hell or those possessed by evil. You build gods army and gather clues about missions by giving people them items they need such as food, clothing, fuel, protection, shelter , transportation etc. The more people you save the bigger gods army gets and the stronger you become. .

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