Screens Shots

Here is a bunch of screen shots from actual game play, not cut scenes.

Tough times are ahead. Although you’re still in denial , you are the first of the Tribulation Saints. Like it or not , you’re on a mission from God.
“Sink Holes” like this appear all over the world.  The first seal has been broken, the gateway to hell is opened and it’s coming to earth.
The wall of missing people.  While all those Raptured are at peace, it’s those left behind are the ones that will suffer.
After the Rapture, the President of the United State addresses what’s left of the nation. Don’t worry, the government is here to help , you can believe everything he says. Wink wink…
In order to save as many people as possible you need prove that the N.W.O. exists and expose their sinister activities to the entire world.
You’ve been captured by the N.W.O. Now it’s time to escape.  Your life is now full of enemies and very few friends.








Looks like the N.W.O has other plans other than imprisoning people without cause.
He made his choice, now it’s time to take care of business.  You can’t save everyone after all.
N.W.O soldiers, Monsters, Demons, Zombies possessed by evil as if that isn’t enough to fear, you must also worry about earth quakes , meteors and Tsunami’s.
Even your home is no longer safe. Better protect yourself.  You can always trust your pump shot gun to get the job done!
Protect the innocent from the hoard of zombie and their demon lord!  Show others the virtue of self sacrifice.
Everyone has to choose between good and evil, there are no fence sitters here. It’s up to you to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are.
You got the evidence you need to prove that evil has corrupted whats left of the government. Now you must escape the quarantine zone and broad cast your findings for the rest of the country to see.
The N.W.O isn’t your only enemy. You also must fight the elements of hell that are coming to earth, better toughen up, this isn’t going to be easy.
Helping people and doing the right thing makes you more powerful against evil. Now it’s time to show everyone the true power of God.


The White Horsemen. Who’s the rider, what do they look like? I gotta finished the game in order for you to find out.