The Story

The First Seal Dawn of Armageddon is the first installment of a series of 7 games based on the book of Revelations and the seven seals of the apocalypse.. The story begins with your characters calm and quiet middle American life being turned upside down by a series of strange and unexplainable events. After the breaking of the first seal, you bear witness to the collapse of civilization as millions of people mysteriously vanish without a trace. As You fight to survive the complete chaos of the rapture, you have a vision from god that reveals your true purpose. You are to be the first of the tribulations saints. Instructed by god, you must use your courage and faith to save others and build his army in preparation for the ultimate battle vs good and evil, Armageddon. Finding those willing to believe and fight for good will not be easy as you blast, hack and slash your way through hoards of zombies, demons from hell, government security forces and the irredeemable that succumb to evil. You’ll be faced with many decisions along the way, some difficult, others impossible, each choice will challenge your wisdom ,compassion, dedication and faith, forever altering your destiny. Your mission is not going to be easy , it is the end of the world after all.

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